Hosting Plans

Order Now $16.00/Year “Domain Registration” ( or .net, .org etc.).

Order Now $6.00 “Micro 6” Economy plan for small sites. 600M storage, 6G bandwidth, 1 MySql DB (database), 5 email accounts – unlimited email aliases.

Order Now $10.00 “Starter” 1G storage, 15G bandwidth monthly, MySql access.

Order Now $20.00 “Standard” 2.5G storage, 30G bandwidth, MySql access, SSL.

Order Now $30.00 “E-Business” 6G disk, 60G bandwidth, MySql access, SSL.

Order Now $40.00 “Professional” 10G storage, 120G bandwidth, MySql access, SSL

Order Now $149.00/Year “Jagfly Commercial SSL Certificate. Includes procurement, install, configuration and testing.

Dedicated Virtual Private Machines for CPU, bandwidth and memory intensive applications. Managed, with cPanel and offsite backups: Starting at $110/Month. Without cPanel, starting @ $90/Month.

We accept (and prefer) payment by check if paying quarterly, biannually or annually.

Linux Server Administration available at $200/hourly. Please call or email to discuss your needs.

All prices are monthly (except domain registrations and SSL certificates which are annual).

Storage amounts listed include the sum total of all website, MySql database files and email disk space used by your account. Additional resources such as storage or bandwidth available at extra cost. For questions and a quote, or info on our dedicated VPS servers and Server Administration, please call or email.

All accounts include:

  • As many email accounts as your plan has storage for (except the Micro 6).
  • Unlimited email aliases and forwarders (ex.: sales@ or shipping@ forwarded to any email).
  • Unlimited Parked domains
  • SSL Certificates for secure online transactions, are available as an add on for all hosting plans (except the “Micro 6” and “Starter”). ALL Jagfly Hosting accounts can receive and utilize a FREE basic SSL certificate from cPanel (including the “Micro 6” and “Starter” plan). We recommend a commercial certificate for dedicated online storefronts.
  • Offsite backups to Amazon S3 daily, and also one monthly backup (overwritten every month). Restoration of backups available upon request.
  • Advanced ASSP based spam filtering upon request, otherwise SpamAssassin spam filtering is in use with free antivirus email scanning for all accounts regardless.
  • POP3 and IMAP email access. IMAP allows you to have all email and folders the same across all your devices, like GMail. Data is stored (and backed up, UNLIKE free Gmail) on Jagfly servers.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • All Not for Profit organizations receive 25% off, use coupon code JAGFLYNONPROFIT
  • WordPress Toolkit is a feature-rich management interface that allows anyone to install, configure, and manage WordPress websites.
  • Reseller accounts for Web Developers or I.T. professionals who can handle first level support, or wish to invoice their clients directly. Call or email for details.
  • New accounts -without a domain- receive a free one year domain registration at time of signup with a commitment of at least 3 months of service. Domain registrations are not refundable. To redeem, use coupon code FREEDOMAIN33 at signup.
  • All of our servers are always running the latest supported Feature Rich and easy to use cPanel, for managing your account
  • All accounts are Web Disk capable, so you could use your secure hosting account as a modest (small, depending on your hosting package) offsite backup. Which we also backup so you have triple protection. I have setup small offices to use this as a remote backup for accounting files, for example. This can be automated at your location. Configuration of this would not be included in the scope of services and support offered in our hosting packages, but configured at additional cost.
In most cases, we can migrate your account to Jagfly Hosting for free.