accessing your web site 

Your web is accessible using both with the www and without the www. For example, and Most browsers do not require that you put in the http:// preceeding the domain name.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding some commonly encountered problems regarding web site accessibility:


Why do I get a "Site Not Found / Host Not" Found error?
If you just signed up it typically takes 24 hours before your domain name starts to work on our servers. This is called DNS propagation lag and is a normal process in moving or setting up a domain name on a server. Also, if you are moving your domain to Jagfly Hosting, remember to contact your Registrar and update the Name Server information for your domain name. Until you update this information, you domain will not work on our servers. If you need any assistance with this procedure, please let us know.


Why do I get a "Forbidden / You are Not Authorized" to View this Page error?
The most common reason for this is that your site's main page is named something other than index.html. The main page of your site must be called index.html (index.html, index.php, etc. will also work). The solution to the question below might also apply to as well.


I uploaded my site and I still get the "Coming Soon" page?
The most common reason for this your files are in the wrong place. Remeber, your files must reside within the "www" folder. This is the public folder where all web accessible files must reside. Most FTP programs have the ability to be set so they automatically upload your files to the "www" directory. This is usually called Remote Host Directory or Server Directory. If you are confident that your files are in the right place, then the problem might reside with your main page title. Make sure you delete the original index.html file prior to uploading your files. And when uploading your site, make sure your main page is called index.html. See the question above for more information.