If you're going to use SSH to connect to the server, you'd better have some understanding of basic command line commands. Here are a few to start you off:


Basic Commands

Shows the full path of the current directory


Lists all the files in the current directory


ls -al
Lists all files and information


Lists all files and information in all sub-directories


ls -alr | more
Same as "Ls–alr" pausing when screen becomes full


ls -alr >[ file.txt]
Same as "Ls–alr" outputs the results to a file


ls -al /home/[name]/
Lists files and information for /home/usr/[name]


ls *.html
Lists all files ending with .html


cd [directory name]
Changes to a new directory


cd ..
Changes to directory above current one

Moving, Copying, and Deleting Files

mv [old filename] [new filename]
Move/rename a file


cp [filename] [new filename]
Copies a file


rm [filename]
Deletes a file


rm *
Deletes all files in current directory


rm *.html
Deletes all files ending in .html

Creating, Moving, Copying and Deleting Directories

mkdir [directory name]
Creates a new directory


ls -d */
Lists all directories within current directory


cp -r [directory] [new directory]
Copies a directory and all files/directories in it


rmdir [directory name]
Removes a directory if it is empty


rm -r [directory name]
Removes a directory and all files in it