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Jagfly Web Hosting has been serving the demanding hosting needs of our client's web sites since 2000. We would like to share a little sample of the feedback we have recieved from our clients over the years.

If you wish to offer a testimonial, that we can use on this page, please click here and submit a support request, making sure to choose Comment/Suggestion as the category.


Once again I'm reminded of the excellence of Jagfly's customer service, and how it's spoiled me and raised my expectations for web hosting. ...I want to thank you again for your amazing support.

-- Dave Winzler, Microseeds, Essex, Vermont

Thank you Jagfly! Your Hosting is unmatched in the Industry. The service is excellent and always helpful. As our needs continue to grow I'm looking forward to our long-term partnership with Jagfly.

-- Scott Blackford, Indiana Insurance Group, Fishers, Indiana

Here's what Sheldon of JagFly says.  This guy provides some of the best technical support I've ever seen, by the way. [editor's note: Client was passing on support details provided by Jagfly to their designer.]

-- Dave Kent,, West Falmouth, MA

WOW!  You really do have phenomenal service!  You continue to amaze me!  So many times I am VERY disappointed with customer service, but you and Jagfly Hosting are the exception.  Thank-You, and keep up the great work!

-- Peter Palmquist, Dove Tail Builders, Salem, Massachusetts

Our web host was reorganizing and we needed to find a new home for our site quickly. Jayfly Hosting was helpful, informative, and efficient, offering a great service at an affordable price... with a big dose of good old-fashioned courtesy thrown in for good measure. It's nice to be able to deal with a business that still has real people in charge! We're very happy with our site's new home.

-- Jeannine Lawall, Amherst Vigil for Peace & Justice, Amherst, Massachusetts



"I selected Jagfly Hosting because they met all the important parameters - same time zone for service issues, higher email size limits, and other parameters. From the very start including the intiial inquiry, Jagfly followed up timely and gave great information beyond direct answers. Since then, they have provided superior technical assistance. Everyone says they do, but Jagfly really does -- even on weekends."
-- Becky Bouwman, Vice President 3dB Global Inc., Gaithersburg, Maryland



"We are unanimously pleased with your work. The initiative, resourcefulness, and skill that you have demonstrated make us thank our stars for having found Jagfly."

-- George Forman, CEO & Cofounder Videatives, Inc., Amherst, Massachusetts



"I selected your hosting services based on price, but I'm finding out that quality of service may in fact exceed the value presented by the price factor!"
-- Craig J. Starr Danville, New Hampshire



"Jagfly Hosting offers state of the art performance and service for a very affordable price. On top of that, the admin features are comprehensive and easy to use. Our site was suffering before we switched to Jagfly - from slow downloads, interruptions in service and lipservice rather than technical support. I heard of Jagfly from an web developer friend. I am so grateful to my friend for suggesting I contact Jagfly!"
-- Traprock Peace Center Deerfield, Massachusetts



"As a freelance graphic designer I've always needed to have some sort of online presence and I knew that it was time for me to create my own internet domain name and register it. I'm very happy that I chose Jagfly and I'm glad to say that my new site is up and going and that it looks great! Thanks Jagfly for making the whole 'do-it-yourself' website hosting experience so easy and simple for us beginners."
     -- Reno, Nevada




"Thanks for answering all my requests so promptly. I told you I would need some assistance in understanding how to get my client's web site onto the server."
     --Amherst, Massachusetts



"I am extremely impressed with the tools you give your customers. I mean, just having the ability to manage my own email accounts, and make changes to them, without having to make a phone call is a real blessing."
     --Amherst, Massachusetts



"Thanks for helping, I really appreciate it."
    -- Wellesley, Massachusetts



"I had a tall order to fill, as far as my needs went. And your hosting service fitted my needs perfectly."
     --Amherst, Massachusetts



"I've been with Jagfly hosting since the beginning, and I have never had a problem with my account that wasn't resolved quickly. Keep up the good work guys."
     -- Hyannis, Massachusetts



"Your hosting plans offer much more than I would have expected: SSH access, email accounts, MySQL and more. Even if your prices were twice what they are, the deal would still be there."
     --Greenfield, Massachusetts



"Thanks very much for the script change. Also, the quota adjustment would be marvellous and much appreciated."
     --San Francisco, California



"You went above and beyond the call of duty in answering my questions and assisting me when I ran into trouble."
     --Natick, Massachusetts



"Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. It's nice to know that there are still companies out there who care about customer support." 
     --Newburyport, Massachusetts



"Thank you so much for the excellent support. The site works great! Uploads fast and downloads at lightning speeds."
     --Natick, Massachusetts



"As a company that relies heavily on its web site as a business tool, we take the issue of hosting extremely seriously. Our old web host promised site statistics, and was never able to deliver them reliably. The server statistics at Jagfly are amazingly detailed and reliably available. We now know more about our site's traffic than we ever did."
     --Chicopee, Massachusetts



"Once again, your working too hard! [editor's note: This one was for a request we handled on a Sunday,]
     --South Hadley, Massachusetts



"I am all set up and everything works great. Thanks for taking the time to explain to me how everythings works, especially the control panel and email. I am new to all this, and I appreciate the time you took to guide me."
     --Greenfield, Massachusetts